My dog Sara and bird Tweety

Hi There!
I would like to introduce you to my little photo-models, Sara my dog and Tweety my bird.

You will quite a lot of pictures of my dog, that's because I like to take pictures of her. She's not easy to photograph, mostly I need cookies or sometimes a ball to get any attention. 
Sara is very stubborn and enthusiastic when she sees birds, cats, dogs, people, cars, yeah everything...! Although she is so cute! I love to cuddle her, but she doesn't like it and mostly runs away.

We also have a little bird, Tweety!
We got Tweety since 2009, he was very small when we got him. He couldn't even fly that young.
Tweety is a domestic bird, he always asks for kisses: 'Tweety kusje?' (Dutch).

Tweety doesn't like to go on photo's either, he does likes everything that's shiny. So whenever you ware earrings of silver and got Tweety on your shoulder, he will probably stay at your ear playing with your earrings!!

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