GoPro Hero 4 Black

The GoPro Hero 4 Black edition, this is my first action-cam. It took me a long time saving money, but it's absolutely worth it!
I really fell in love with this action-cam, I took it everywhere I go, wasn't always that smart...

I do got some accessories for the GoPro things like a mount for my dog, head-mount, dive stuff, a suction cup for the GoPro, arm-mount, a standard and more. 

The story about me and my GoPro:
Like I already said, I was in love with this thing. So I took it on a school trip to Bosnië, it was great, got some great shots! And we went white water rafting.... And guess what... I lost it! My heart was absolutely broken.

After all, it has a good ending, the insurance gave me a new one! :D